Divorce Fees – Cost of a Divorce

Divorce Attorney Howard Iken:

“My goal is to take the fear, dread, and mystery out of divorce. One thing that people fear about divorce and attorneys is the cost.”

“I will take some of the fear out of divorce by telling you in advance what your divorce will cost.  And then I give you my promise that the fee will not change.  This is a difficult time in your life.  Thank you for trusting me with your divorce.”



The listed divorce and attorney fees are approximate ranges.visalogomastercardlogo

The majority of contested divorces are completely settled at mediation. The Divorce Center believes that a negotiated agreement produces the best result, causes the least stress, and costs the least for our clients.  However, if you do not reach a settlement or wish to go to trial, The Divorce Center, if possible, will give you a flat fee quote that covers the remainder of your trial.

Initial Divorce Consultation – a half hour session in which we discuss your situation. At the end of the session, you will have specific information about your case, in-depth advice, and an opinion of your chances of success.You will get answers for all of your questions and will also be alerted to other issues that may come up. This session is personally conducted by divorce attorney Howard Iken. Your visit is completely confidential and there is no further obligation. You will leave the initial consultation with black and white answers, suggestions about your strategy, and a realistic opinion about your situation. We also discuss divorce fees, whether attorney fees can be part of the divorce settlement, and alternative low cost ways to hire a divorce attorney. If this is all you end up using us for – it is money well spent.


Divorce Attorney Fee

Includes representation up to and including mediation, and subsequent final court order adopting the mediated agreement. Less complex situations fall in the $3000 range. Tampa divorces are slightly higher because there are more requirements in Hillsborough County. We will determine whether attorney fees can be part of the divorce settlement and if so, what your options may be. Trials can be significantly higher.

Child Custody Modification Cost - uncontested modification is on the lower end of the price range.

Alimony Modification Cost

On a limited budget?

Easysavr Legal Service- when you need a lawyer but not the expense.

With Easysavr Legal Service you get all the security of attorney-advice without the high cost of divorce attorney fees. All paperwork is produced by a divorce attorney after a personal consultation. You avoid spending a lot of money but do not give up the advice of an attorney. This service is especially cost effective for uncontested divorces.

Initial Paperwork Preparation - An initial consultation and customized advice from one of our lawyers. All paperwork complete filled out by a licensed divorce attorney – ready for you to file yourself. Includes a thorough in-person consultation with a Divorce Attorney.

Uncontested Divorce Cost- Both parties agree on everything – Price includes full representation through your entire divorce. All work performed by a licensed attorney.  We address and solve any problems that come up during the process. And you have the security of knowing an attorney will appear with you in court for your final hearing. The flat fee also covers your court filing fee. There may be some optional services at an additional cost. Please ask us first.

**Court filing fees and process server fees are not included in some of the above prices unless specifically stated.

Other services may be needed at an additional cost. There are fees required by the court, mediators, and other necessary services. We will advise you during your first visit.

Divorce Attorney Howard Iken would like everyone to have access to legal services. The people searching for a low cost divorce cannot afford traditional full representation. That is where our easysavr legal service comes to the rescue. Now, the cost of a divorce is not a barrier. You give up very little and keep the most important part of the service: help from an experienced divorce attorney. Now, divorce on a budget is a reality.