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Easysavr Legal Service

when you need a lawyer but not the expense

Divorce Attorney Howard Iken:

“My goal is to take the fear, dread, and mystery out of divorce. One thing that people fear about divorce and attorneys is the cost.”

“I will take some of the fear out of divorce by telling you in advance what your case will cost. And then I give you my promise that the cost will not change. This is a difficult time in your life. Thank you for trusting me with your divorce.”

Easysavr Legal Service – A low cost divorce alternative



Easysavr Legal Service - when you need a lawyer but not the expense.

With Easysavr Legal Service you get all the security of attorney-advice without the cost. All paperwork is produced by a divorce attorney after a personal consultation. You avoid spending a lot of money but do not give up the legal advice only an attorney can provide. You get a low cost divorce but do not sacrifice peace of mind.

Low Cost Divorce Options:

Short term consultation – to help you do your own divorce - Are you already in a divorce case? Did you file the case yourself? Or did your lawyer bail out on you? We offer low cost options for your divorce. Try our one-time divorce consultations. We will help you get past a complex area of your divorce, or help you put together an answer or motion. Or we can explain how you can present your case in a hearing. Don’t sacrifice help from a divorce attorney if you have a limited budget.


Divorce Paperwork Service - You get your divorce on a budget but you don’t give up help from a divorce attorney. This option includes an initial consultation and customized advice from one of our lawyers. All paperwork complete filled out by a licensed divorce attorney – ready for you to file yourself. Includes a thorough in-person consultation with a Divorce Attorney.
With Easysavr, we will not let your divorce fail. Follow-up consultations are available at the low cost of $100 for one half hour. This follow-up visit will allow you to get past any difficult points in your case. In our experience, a tremendous amount of information can be covered in this follow-up visit.
Uncontested Divorce / Amicable Divorce - A low cost divorce alternative – where a divorce attorney is with you every step of your case. Both parties must agree on everything – Price includes full representation through your entire divorce. All work is performed by a licensed divorce attorney. We address and solve any problems that come up during the process. And you have the security of knowing an attorney will appear with you in court for your final hearing. Your court filing fee is included in the flat fee. Some special optional services may be an additional charge.
We also offer Divorce Mediation services. Visit www.formymediation.com

What is the difference between a Paralegal Service and Easysavr Legal Service?

Paralegal / Form Preparation Service:

  • Low cost but no training and no court experience
  • Untrue promises of results and degree of difficulty
  • Paperwork prepared by a secretary
  • No divorce attorney review
  • Not qualified to give legal advice
  • No knowledge of what the judge wants to see
  • Not aware of potential traps in child support law
  • Not aware of potentially large tax consequences
  • Cannot represent you if problems come up

EasySavr Legal Service – by The Divorce Center

  • A low cost divorce where you still have a Divorce Attorney
  • A realistic assessment of possible results
  • Personalized consultation with a Divorce Attorney
  • Paperwork prepared by a Divorce Attorney
  • Our divorce attorneys regularly appear before area judges
  • Knowledge of potential traps and costs – so we can help you
  • Available for follow up representation if ever needed

**Court filing fees and process server fees are not included in the above prices.

Other services may be needed at an additional cost. There are fees required by the court, mediators, and other necessary services. We will advise you during your first visit.

We also offer Divorce Mediation services. Visit www.formymediation.com


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