What Makes the Best Divorce Attorneys

By Attorney Howard Iken:  Alright …. here is my daily rant and rave. There are a lot of misconceptions on who the best divorce attorneys are, and who is a bad attorney. I see a lot of sides to this issue in my role as a divorce attorney

The best divorce attorneys

The best divorce attorneys:

  • Tells the client the truth and nothing but the truth
  • Does not take money for a goal that is impossible to achieve
  • Does not go to trial for the majority of the cases
  • Settles a high percentage of cases at mediation
  • Does not “fan the flames” – helps the client keep a cool head
  • Does not take $1,500 retainer on what is obviously a $10,000 case without telling the client how much it will probably end up
  • Returns phone calls to the client


Bad divorce attorneys:

  • Takes all cases – no matter how unrealistic the client is
  • Gives advice based on how much in fees they can earn
  • Never settles
  • Pushes all cases to go to trial
  • Does not give a honest estimate on costs
  • Takes a personal position on issues the client should decide
  • Burns through the client’s money quickly and then withdraws
  • Returns phone calls 3 days later
  • Takes an unrealistically low retainer – while knowing the retainer will be exhausted in 3 weeks.


I work on a daily basis as a family law and custody attorney, and I also mediate family law cases as a court-appointed mediator.  In those roles I have had the opportunity to see a lot of styles, tactics, and behavior of the best divorce attorneys and the worst.  There are certain attorneys that will never settle a case if the client has money. There are some that see past their own pocket and act in the best interest of their client. By now I hope you know which category I prefer to be in.  I like earning money – but I like my client’s success even better.

Just my occasional rant.


Howard Iken practices paternity, custody, divorce, and alimony law in Tampa, Florida.

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