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Court records are public – that means anyone has the right to look at them. Some records are available online and if not – they are viewable in person. Each clerk of court office will copy all or part of files for a charge of $1 per page.

Free Divorce Records in Hillsborough County Florida

You can look up Hillsborough County Divorce Records for ongoing and past cases at the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court website:


Hillsborough County Court Divorce Records


Hillsborough County Divorce records are available as well as most other types of court cases. A search for an existing case will bring up a dated list of each document that was filed with the court. Only the title of the document appears. The actual document images are not available online. One issue with Hillsborough Court Records seems to be that certain entries do not appear on the list while others do. So if a particular document is not shown, it still may be in the official court file. You can also appear at 800 Twiggs Street in Tampa, the location of the Hillsborough County Courthouse. Court files can be requested from the court records center on the first floor.


Divorce Records in Pinellas County Florida – Clearwater – St. Petersburg


You can look up Pinellas County Divorce Records for ongoing and past cases at the Pinellas County Clerk of Court website:


Pinellas County Court Divorce Records


**** Pinellas County now requires a subscription for divorce records. You can pay by credit card. The cost is low, and well worth it if you have an existing case.

Some Pinellas County Public Court records are available without subscription if you select the “guest” function. Like Hillsborough, a search for an existing case will bring up a dated list of each document that was filed with the court. Titles of documents appear but certain documents, mainly final judgments can be brought up as an image. Pinellas County is very accurate. If the document does not appear in the case, it didn’t make it to the file. Clearwater and St Petersburg files (on request) can be viewed in person at 315 Court Street in Clearwater, in the Pinellas County Courthouse.


Divorce Records in Pasco County Florida – New Port Richey


You can only look up Pasco County Divorce records for final judgments. Court records are only available by subscription:


Pasco County Court Divorce Records


Pasco County Divorce Court records are limited to subscribers with paid subscriptions. But final judgments for divorces are available to the general public. Whatever is available to the public for Pasco appears to be very accurate. Pasco County Florida Divorce records can be viewed for free by the general public in person at the court records center in New Port Richey. The records center is to the right and behind the courthouse on Little Road.


Free Divorce Records in Hernando County Florida – Brooksville


You can look up all Hernando County Divorce public records online at the Hernando County Clerk of Court website:


Hernando County Court Divorce Records


Hernando County Divorce records are available to the public online for free. Also, images of final judgments are available. Hernando County records appear to be fairly accurate and usually contain everything that has been filed in the official court file. Hernando County Divorce Records can also be viewed by the general public in person at 20 N. Main Street in Brooksville Florida, in the clerk of court office.


Free Divorce Records in Orange County Florida – Orlando


The Orlando clerk of court is one of the more advanced systems in Florida.  Free record searches are available at the following link:


Orange County Court Records


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