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A marital home can become a complicated part of divorce proceedings, especially when the particular couple divorcing own the home together. This isn’t to say things can’t still go smoothly if the divorcing couples are amicable. In fact, there could be some creative solutions if both are inclined to stay in the home.


Overall, though, things get a little easier if both want to move out and go their separate ways.


Common Situations if Both Want to Sell the Home


Sometimes divorcing couples would just assume sell the home and start anew in their own homes. If the couple both own the home, then they’ll have to work together on setting a price that makes sense. Hiring a real estate agent can help determine a price that’s fair to the market.


Once the house is sold, splitting the money from the sale should be straightforward. Newsday points out that if the divorce is messy, there may have to be a quick sale that could result in taking a loss. But it might be worth it to get the divorce over with as soon as possible to avoid protracted heated arguments.


A good alternative is for both to move and out and simply rent the home to someone else. This provides a good income that the divorcing couple can split.


Splitting Equity


In the scenario where one half of the divorcing couple wants to stay in the home, it’s going to mean refinancing the loan in the name of the person staying. This works out in a way where the person refinancing pays half of the home’s equity to the former spouse. It’s one way of both profiting and perhaps a satisfying situation when many divorces are about who gets a certain amount of money.


However, a situation where one half of the couple wants to stay and the other wants to sell may have to involve intervention by a judge. Different complicated situations can arise here as well, including if the spouse wanting to sell is the only name listed as owner of the house. It can create some stress if the other spouse has to live in the house and be under control of being kicked out or how the house is used.


When there’s dissension about one wanting to stay and one wanting to sell, it might be worth creating an agreement during the divorce to share in the expenses of the home up to a certain time and then sell the home later. It’s a compromise that allows one spouse to still enjoy the house for a while. Or, the spouse wanting to stay can do a buyout of the home so they have complete ownership.


If you’re a divorcing couple dealing with your marital home, you’re going to need a divorce lawyer to help you through the maze of complications. Consider Ayo and Iken as your comprehensive divorce attorney team. We represent Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando, Pasco, Polk, Osceola,Orange and most Florida counties.


Call us at 1-727-844-7676 for a free consultation of your case. One of our experienced New Port Richey divorce attorneys will discuss the various scenarios that could take place with your marital home and how you might be able to stay there without legal complication.

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I hired Alberto Ayo to help me with my divorce. Alberto was always very thorough, knowledgeable and reliable. I am very satisfied with the service I received from him, and I highly recommend him for anyone that is looking for a lawyer for their divorce.

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