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How to Keep Your Orlando Divorce Uncontested or Something Like It


Many people in the Orlando area ask me how they can keep their divorce uncontested. The answer I always give them is this: “it takes two to tango; it only takes one person to make a lawsuit contested.”


Remember to keep the following in mind and you will have a greater chance of success:


1. Carefully choose your attorney and law firm. The Divorce Center of Orlando has a dedicated staff that will help your case at every phase. Remember, when you can’t reach the attorney, you will rely on the staff at the law firm to keep you updated and abreast of potential storms in litigation. A great attorney but a poor running law firm might balance it out negatively.


a. Is the receptionist polite and knowledgeable?

b. How easy is it to reach an attorney? Does the attorney call or write you back within a reasonable period of time?

c. What does the law firm or website look like? Is it clean, up-to-date and run smoothly?

d. If your attorney is pressuring you to make this lawsuit get ugly…have a talk with them. And sooner rather than later. The attorney should assist you in this difficult time of your life, NOT make the process worse for all involved so they can rack in the dough (your dough).


2. Even with an amazing attorney and law firm, you are the ONLY ONE responsible for your own behavior.

a. How do you react or respond to your spouse?

b. How do you react or respond to the children, their teachers, mutual friends, family members, the opposing attorney, or your own attorney?

c. Beware of writing letters, emails or correspondence that discusses your spouse or the case to anyone other than your attorney! This just might backfire on you!! There are a few exceptions but most of what you disclose to people other than your attorney during the dissolution process is ADMISSIBLE in court. So before you bash your spouse to another person…think twice…it might cost you big time.

d. Do NOT record your spouse’s voice…this is illegal in Florida, and the Orlando divorce court will react poorly to this tactic. Besides, you do not need to resort to such a low ball action. If your spouse leaves a message on your answering machine or sends you a text message and you believe it might help your case feel free to share this information with your attorney. Likewise, any messages you convey to your spouse might be used against you.

e. Always choose to be civil and polite when speaking or writing to your spouse. Remember the phrase, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all?” It is better to not speak than to give your spouse ammunition against you for court.

f. Provide information concerning the children when possible. For example: Whether you take the kids to Disney in Orlando, or if you took the kids to see Santa somewhere else, if you take photos, make a copy for your spouse as this will show the Judge you are the parent most likely to facilitate a positive relationship between the children and other parent.


3. If at all possible, discuss with your spouse in a room WITHOUT knives or sharp objects WHAT exactly he or she would like to accomplish with a divorce. (We are kidding about “sharp objects” but you definitely don’t want to end up in the Orlando Domestic Violence Court.”


a. It is extremely helpful to your own divorce lawyer and for your case if you know what the other side is looking for.

b. Who knows – you both might be pretty close to a middle ground when you actually see everything written down on paper.

c. Remember, negotiations can benefit your case. You should not sign any agreement that your attorney has not reviewed with you! But, having a list of wants and desires for both parties will be wonderful going forward.


4. Keep a journal or diary of conversations you have with your spouse and with your attorney.

a. Memory fails us most often in stressful situations. It is always good to have something written down to jot our memory while in a meeting with your attorney or in a Orlando court proceeding.

b. Obtain your phone records – you never know when you might need to show how many calls either parent has placed.


5. Go to counseling WITH your children and with your spouse if you are civil to each other.  The Orlando Fl area has a large variety of counseling available.

a. Taking the 4 hour parenting class is nothing compared to the benefit of family counseling. Show the Judge that you are the parent most likely to facilitate a smooth transition for the children from intact family to a separated parent family.

b. Who knows? You just might learn a thing or two about how to relate to your soon to be ex-spouse when the divorce is finalized.

c. Your children will see that their parent loves them enough to spend money and time to ensure they feel secure in their place in the home. OK, maybe they won’t tell you that today but when they grow up they will.


6. Try to make the holidays special for the children by working with your spouse to ensure the children still have Hanukah or Christmas etc.

a. If there is a family tradition that the kids always were involved in, make it happen this year – even if it is uncomfortable for you.

b. At one point you were in love with this “other person” so try to be civil during the holidays and see if it pays off when your two attorneys are negotiating.

c. If you both cannot agree on a holiday schedule during the pending divorce, ask your attorney for advice. This is not a new thing for the divorce attorneys or the family law court to deal with.


7. If you cannot keep your Orlando divorce proceeding uncontested or amicable…take heart! That is why you hired a professional to see you through this very difficult and emotional process.

a. Remember, it WILL get better! This is one of the few guarantees I make clients.

b. This is based on years of experience where past clients send me a holiday card a year later and admit I was right. Imagine that?!

c. But really, this is the tough time and the battle will end eventually. You have the opportunity to attempt to make this go as peacefully as possible.


Ayo and Iken PLC is a Florida law firm with offices throughout the state, including Orlando Florida. Our Orlando Florida Divorce Lawyers are committed to bringing you excellent representation for all of your Orlando and Orange County family law needs. Divorce Attorney Jennifer Schulte regularly represents clients in the Orlando courthouse and can help you navigate the system.  Give us a call today at 800-469-3486.  Our Orlando office is located in the MetroWest area.

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Thank you Jeana for helping bring my Boy Home 🙂 I could not begin to thank you enough. We look forward to better days for sure, thanks to you and all of your help. Thank you for being so fair and for working with our Family through these tough times. God Bless you!!

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Thank you Jeana for helping bring my Boy Home 🙂 I could not begin to thank you enough. We look forward to better days for sure, thanks to you and all of your help. Thank you for being so fair and for working with our Family through these tough times. God Bless you!!

Jessica - Avvo

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