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The Law Firm of Ayo and Iken serves Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando, Pasco, Polk, Osceola, Orange, and most Florida Counties. Florida Divorce attorneys Howard Iken, Alberto Ayo, Jeana Vogel, Allison Belcher, Kristal Knox, Jason Ponder, Zonald Spinks, Bruce Przepis, Claudia Blackwell, and Jennifer Schulte are here to help you through this difficult time in your life. We put together this website to provide you with complete information on Florida family law and divorce. Please take the time needed to thoroughly read all about divorce related issues. A good divorce lawyer should be willing to educate you on all the issues you will be facing. We believe knowledge is power. Knowledge and preparation take away the fear and allow you to face any challenge. We look forward to giving you that knowledge and helping you as your divorce attorney.

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Why you should  hire us:  The Law Firm of Ayo and Iken is one of the largest divorce law firms in the State of Florida. We give you the personal attention your case deserves but with the resources of a large law firm at your disposal. All of our attorneys have many years of experience in the courtroom. Clients do not hire us to come in second place. We take that responsibility seriously.

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Visit our Legal Information Studio to watch interviews of our experienced attorneys. The videos contain candid, hard-hitting info you can use in your case. You will also learn common ways that people hurt their chances of success.

How to win an alimony case in Florida

How to Win a Child custody case in Florida


At Ayo and Iken PLC, we give you more information for free than most lawyers give you for compensation. The philosophy is simple: expertise should never be proven by hiding facts. Family law in Florida is complex, but the average person can understand the law. This is your case and you deserve to know all the steps to a successful divorce. We believe the best clients are knowledgeable clients. That’s why this website is packed with free online divorce information. There are approximately 225 pages of focused, informative, and current information about family law in Florida, divorce practice tips, and common sense advice – all written by a family law attorney. Our divorce attorneys want to earn your business by showing you what we know. We hold nothing back. I hope you enjoy reading and learning the twists and turns of family law. Knowledge is power. Good luck in your pursuit of knowledge.

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We also service a variety of counties in Florida. Please call us for information on your particular area.

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Seminole County Divorce Attorney

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Attorney Jennifer Schulte is available to help you in Lake County divorce, custody, paternity, and dependency cases. Call her at 800-469-3486 for a free consultation

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Our Services


Our divorce attorneys – lawyers can file your case and help you all the way through trial. We also provide representation in mediation.

Custody Modification

We can help with any type of child custody situation, including paternity cases. Our custody attorneys can help you reopen a prior case with the goal of changing custody, parenting time, and with relocation issues. A custody modification case in Florida is normally conducted in the same courthouse, in the same previous case number. A Supplemental Petition to Modify is filed and the case goes through similar steps as a Divorce.

Child Support

A child support attorney can help you make sure that support is set to the correct amount. We can also reopen a case for child support modification.

Dependency Court

Dependency Court is where cases are conducted when Child Protective Services gets involved. It is also a unique court where grandparents can act to protect their grandchildren. We can provide representation for Dependency Court and also can defend parents caught up in that process.


Our alimony attorneys can help you enforce a prior award of alimony, or help defend against enforcement. We also routinely file alimony modification cases when your income or needs have changed.


If you were never married but have a child, your case would be called a Paternity Case. These types of cases establish rights for fathers of children born out of wedlock, or help define the duties and obligations of the mother. Child support is also typically granted in a Paternity Case.

Jurisdiction Disputes

If there is a question of where your case will be heard, you need a consultation from a jurisdiction attorney. The dispute can involve two states or two Florida counties. It is essential you consult with us before you answer a petition or other court filing. There are also critical time limitations on these types of disputes. We can also work with your out of state attorney to coordinate the jurisdiction case.

Enforcement of judgments

Enforcement of a previous agreement or court judgment is accomplished by filing a Motion for Enforcement or a Motion to Compel. One hearing is normally needed and is held where your case was previously filed. We can quote a flat fee on many enforcement cases.


We can provide mediation services for divorces, paternity, and other situations. Please let us know if you are looking for a lower stress way to settle your case.


We also help clients file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Sometimes it is very advantageous to coordinate a bankruptcy filing with a divorce.

Wage and Hour Law

Ayo and Iken now helps people recover wages that were improperly withheld by employers.

Our Services

divorce lawyersDivorce



Divorce law in Florida is slightly different than every other state. If you want to split up assets, debts, deciding parenting & support issues, or get exclusive use of the house, you normally must file a divorce case. There is a separate court system in every county in Florida and each one has slightly different procedure. But divorce law is the same everywhere because your primary rights are defined in Florida Chapter 61, the statute on Dissolution of Marriage.  You normally can start a divorce by putting together and filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.  Usually the proper place to file for divorce is the county the two of you last lived as husband and wife. But there are numerous exceptions.  There are various do it yourself divorce resources but attorneys are always preferable.  The Law Firm of Ayo and Iken offers free consultations with local divorce attorneys in Tampa, Clearwater, Orlando, and many other areas.  We also have many lower cost divorce alternatives.


custody lawyerCustody



Custody law in Florida affects parents when they have filed for divorce, or in a paternity case when the children were born outside of a marriage.  There is no more important issue than child custody.  Our attorneys do their job with a “great weight” on their back – the knowledge that they are fighting for your kids.  A successful Florida custody case involves strict guidelines for preparation, behavior, and case strategy.  One important thing to be aware of is that a final judgment for custody tends to stay in place until the children are adults. That means you have one chance in most custody cases.  A custody judgment also can shift hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support. There is no do-over available.  Preparation and knowledge is king when you have an upcoming custody case.  Be sure to take a look at our free online custody predictor. Whether you need a short planning session on case strategy, or an all-out effort on your behalf for your child custody case, be sure to start with a free consultation. We have child custody attorneys in Orlando, Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Clearwater, and other areas.


paternity lawyerPaternity



Paternity is the “step-child” of a divorce and custody case. Think of a paternity case as a divorce, without the fight over assets and debt. To get a court order for joint or sole custody, you must file a paternity case whenever a child is born outside of a marriage. The end result of your court case will be a living schedule for your child, school arrangements, directions on co-parenting, and a determination on who pays support.  Another popular issue is whether the child will get his or her name changed, and how the birth certificate will read.  Most parents with a child born outside of a marriage tend to accept the status quo until there are co-parenting problems. But that can be a mistake. In a paternity judgment, both parents are legally recognized as the biological parents and both parents have a defined set of rights with their child.  We file paternity lawsuits in most Florida counties, including Orange, Lake, Brevard, Hillsborough, and Hernando. Talk to us for an updated list of our areas and to arrange a free consultation.


child support lawyerChild Support



Every divorce, paternity, and dependency case involves child support.  The Florida family law courts have a strong preference that all parents will adequately support their children.  Many of our clients become involved in a child support case during their divorce or paternity case. But an equal number receive papers from Florida Child Support Enforcement, threatening to suspend their driver’s license, or to put them in jail.  Florida child support cases bring huge, critical issues for all parents.  A child support lawyer can help you ensure you receive or pay the proper amount of child support. We can also defend against a pending license suspension.  Many people think child support is a black and white issue. But that is far from the truth. Be sure to try our free online child support calculator.  After you do that, pick up the phone and call us for a free consultation. We have child support attorneys in New Port Richey, Dade City, Brooksville, Tampa, and Lake Mary.  Check with us to see if we serve your particular area.


alimony lawyerAlimony



There have been recent efforts at alimony reform in Florida.  A new alimony law was almost passed into law in 2013. The purpose behind the new alimony law was to simplify alimony law in Florida, and to make it a more predictable subject. But that is far from the truth. The fact is that alimony will always be heavily contested. Getting alimony or receiving alimony is a complex task and will remain so even after a new Florida alimony law is in effect. Alimony is designed to help someone establish a new life, and/or pay the bills into old age. That makes an alimony case extremely critical for everyone involved. Alimony is based on many different facts and circumstances, but there is no table, no well-defined criteria, and no predictability.  This is a complex area of law and an alimony attorney definitely brings value to the table. Be sure to experiment with our online alimony calculator, and alimony predictor. Then give us a call to schedule a free consultation with an alimony attorney.


child protective servicesDependency



A dependency case is different than any other type of family law situation and is handled in a completely different court – dependency court. This type of case is triggered when someone calls the child abuse hotline, and child protective services remove a child from their parent’s house.  Dependency court is based on allegations of unfit parents.  These cases are long, complex, and difficult.  The dependency court appoints free attorneys for parents but those attorneys rarely have any time to give personal service to their clients.  Private attorneys can give you more aggressive representation to help achieve your goals. Grandparent rights to custody can be pursued in dependency court.  But grandparents must always hire private attorneys because they have no right to a free attorney. We have several dependency attorneys on staff to discuss your case.


modification attorneyModification


Sometimes the details of your life change and you desire to modify your custody judgment, modify support, or raise / lower your alimony amount.  Our modification attorneys can discuss the possibility of success for your individual situation.  If you desire a modification, always bring a copy of your last order and any letters or documents that support your position. A modification case depends on the strength of your evidence. We only file modification cases when our clients have a legitimate chance at succeeding. That process begins with a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

enforcement of ordersEnforcement



Sometimes you have to hold someone to an agreement, or enforce the terms of a court order. Or you may be in the other position, unable to comply with an order, but in a position where you are being threatened with court action.  Modification cases normally begin with several consecutive enforcement hearings.  So it is really important to handle enforcement cases properly.  If they are addressed aggressively up front, you have less to worry about when filing or defending a modification case. Some enforcement hearings result in a court holding someone in contempt of court. That can result in jail, fines, attorney fees, loss of custody, and other sanctions. Our attorneys offer flat fees for many enforcement situations. We can also coach you to do your own hearing at a lower cost.


legal separationLegal Separation



Florida has no official legal separation. But there are statutes that allow you to go after support – even if you do not plan to file for divorce. For uncontested cases, we can work with you to design a prenup agreement that will offer benefits similar to a legal separation.   We also see quite a few legal separation orders from other states that need to be enforced in Florida. Legal separation orders from states that recognize them can be used in a Florida proceeding.  If you are interested in a prenup, call us to see what might be involved. Remember, you get what you pay for. A quick, office-store prenup is worth what you pay for it – next to nothing. If you might have a high asset divorce in the future, a prenup can save huge amounts of money. We have experienced prenup attorneys ready to help you.  Call us to discuss your situation.


The Law Firm of Ayo and Iken has a dedicated team of attorneys ready to help you conquer whatever situation you are facing.  We have offices in many locations throughout Tampa Bay, and Central Florida. Our initial consultations with an attorney are always free.

Divorce Attorneys

We were formerly known as The Divorce Center and still concentrate a large percentage of our practice in divorce, custody, paternity, support, and general marital law. Each and every one of our attorneys has many active family law cases at any given time. When you hire our firm, you have access to a large team of attorneys that can help you though the most trying time. We not only handle family law and custody cases – we thoroughly enjoy them.

More info for your divorce case for select areas: Pasco County:  New Port RicheyDade CityWesley ChapelBrooksville, and Zephyrhills, Pinellas County:  Clearwater, Hillsborough County: Tampa, South Tampa, New TampaTampa Palms, Orange County: OrlandoMetro WestDr Phillips, Osceola County: Kissimmee, Seminole CountyLake Mary, Lake County, Polk County: Lakeland

Also, be sure to see us for your uncontested divorce in TampaClearwater, and other areas of Florida.

Child Custody Attorneys

A large proportion of our attorneys and staff have children and know how important this is to you. We have experience dealing with the most highly contest custody cases. In some situations we can help you with uncontested parenting cases – which have less impact on your children.

More info for your child custody case for select areas:  Pasco County:  New Port Richey, Dade City, Wesley Chapel, and Zephyrhills, Pinellas County:  Clearwater, Hillsborough County: Tampa, South Tampa, New Tampa, Tampa Palms, Orange CountyOrlandoMetro WestDr Phillips, Osceola County: Lake Mary, Lake County, Polk County: Lakeland

Alimony Attorneys

We fight for or defend alimony clients every day of the week. Nothing has more potential to impact your life.  We have an attorney on staff with an MBA and extensive experience with money issues.

Child Support Attorneys

Any child support case has the potential of shifting hundreds of thousands of dollars between parents. Don’t take this issue lightly. Come in for a free child support consultation in any of our offices, including Tampa, Orlando, Clearwater, and New Port Richey.

Bankruptcy Attorneys

Our chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys work directly with you from beginning to end. Nothing has more potential to help you start a new financial life.

More info for your bankruptcy case for select areas:  Pasco County:  New Port Richey, Hillsborough County: Tampa

Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you have been arrested, or are about to be arrested, Criminal Defense Attorneys Jennifer Schulte and Allison Belcher have years of experience that can be put to work for you. Ms. Schulte was formerly a prosecutor in a State Attorney’s office. Ms. Belcher formerly worked as a Public Defender. The two of them offer combined experience from the “inside” of the criminal justice system. As family law attorneys, we can also help you prevent criminal charges from hurting your custody case. A criminal charge is a serious spot on your record. You deserve dedicated, professional help.

More info for your criminal defense case for select areas: Pasco County:  New Port Richey,  Hillsborough County: Tampa, Orange County: Orlando, Metro West, Dr Phillips, Polk County: Lakeland

Immigration Attorneys

Immigration matters are complex and can determine your entire future. Make sure you consult with an experienced immigration attorney.

More info for your immigration case for select areas:  Tampa


Ayo and Iken can appeal your final judgment. Come in to discuss your divorce appeal or custody appeal today in our Tampa, or New Port Richey office.

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