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Orlando Counseling Resources

Challenging situations can occur at any point in life, and counseling can be a valuable option to maximize your health and well-being. In Orlando, and throughout the Florida area, there are many counseling options provided by licensed professionals, nonprofit organizations, churches, and Orlando divorce support groups. No matter what difficulties you are facing, there is help available for all Orlando Florida residents.


Grief Counseling


Grief counseling helps people of all ages deal with loss, including the loss of a parent, other family member, close friend, or anyone else who has been important to you. There is no “wrong” way to grieve, and grief counseling can help people understand and accept their grief, so that they can live a full and productive life. Grief counseling is available for adults and children. There are many different types of grief counseling, including counseling or support when going through an illness or tragedy, or looking for divorce support in Orlando.


  • New Hope for Kids: A nonprofit organization providing a Center for Grieving Children that helps approximately 200 kids and their families cope with loss and grief each year. New Hope also operates a Children’s Wish program that provides for the wishes of kids aged 3-18 diagnosed with life-threatening diseases.
  • Hospice of the Comforter: Grief Support: A nonprofit ministry offering several services to the grieving, including a full bereavement center with counseling and connections to community resources; available to the public and those whose family members used Hospice care services.
  • Expressive Grief Counseling: An array of services offered by professional grief counselor Elizabeth Kupferman, based in Orlando. Kupferman is a registered nurse, a master’s degree recipient and Nationally Certified Counselor whose practice centers on grief and life transition management. This type of counseling may also be helpful to women looking for divorce support in Orlando, or need help overcoming anxiety or depression.
  • Top 10 Counseling Questions – After a traumatic event or divorce, it is natural to have questions, especially about counseling services or Orlando divorce support services. There are a few questions to ask when looking counseling and support services.
  • Counseling Resources and Referrals From UCF: A list of community resources, including trustworthy counselors, health centers, and other valuable treatment options for those suffering grief, loss, depression, anxiety, and a variety of other life difficulties. Compiled by the University of Central Florida in Orlando.
  • Florida Hospital Pastoral Care: Pastoral counseling information from Florida Hospital, which can include in-house grief counseling and referrals to other community resources according to the client’s needs.
  • Charles Lewis Institute: Part of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Orlando, the Charles Lewis Institute is a philanthropic center that offers patients and caregivers a variety of resources, which include spiritual and grief counseling.
  • Pet Loss and Grieving Resources: Grief support resources for those suffering through the loss of a pet. Includes several specialized counselors and grief centers across Florida and in Orlando.
  • Grief: What to Do: Grief information from The Compassionate Friends, a nonprofit offering support, group meetings, and information for family members at any stage of grief who have lost a child.


Relationship Counseling


Relationship counseling runs the gamut from couples therapy to pre-marriage counseling, marriage counseling, and sex therapy. Counseling can help couples at any stage of their relationship reconnect with one another and understand how to take real steps toward an even more fulfilling emotional partnership. Many relationship counseling experts use traditional “talk therapy” as well as other exercises and tasks that can improve intimacy and empathy between partners.


  • Divorce Adjustment: An overview of divorce and the transitions involved in a divorce. This website also has a searchable directory of divorce support in Orlando and other areas.
  • Discovery Counseling Center: Includes counselors who are specialists in pre-marriage, marriage, and divorce in Orlando. Also provides counseling for other marriage and family situations and challenges.
  • Orlando Marriage and Couples Counseling: Before resorting to searching for divorce lawyers in Orlando, give your marriage or relationship a fighting chance with Emotionally Focused Therapy Model (EFT). Cathy Bronza has been providing families in Orlando divorce support for ten years.
  • John Wagner Relationship Coaching: Professional relationship counseling offering help in marriage, infidelity situations, and divorce in Orlando. Sex addiction and sex therapy counseling are also provided by this counselor, also a known speaker and author.
  • Empowering Love: Certified coach who helps both men and women build skills to improve their personal and romantic relationships. In addition to coaching, also provides a large number of classes and workshops and a database of free articles.
  • A Personal Wedding: In addition to other wedding-related services, this website provides spiritual pre-marriage for couples and marriage counseling.
  • Healing Connections Marriage Therapy: Counseling options from Dr. Leif Davis, who provides help and healing for couples who are facing divorce in Orlando. Dr. Davis also provides specialized “healing” counseling for those in need of divorce support in Orlando. Davis’ services aim to help both adults and children affected by divorce.
  • Hope Counseling: A dedicated relationship and family counseling center with several offices, including one in Lakeland, not far from Orlando. Offers a full range of counseling and mental health testing services.
  • Orlando Couples Counseling: An alliance of nine licensed counselors practicing in Orlando, using innovative techniques and specializing in a variety of area, including marital and divorce support in Orlando. Modalities include reality therapy, hypnotherapy, reality therapy, EMDR, and more.


Religious Counseling and Support


Counselors and their patients come from all walks of life, and there are many different forms of counseling. Some people of strong religious faith feel they react better to counseling centered around their own spiritual perspectives. There are many options available in Orlando. In addition to religious counseling, one may seek out counseling resources from their preferred place of worship and faith community. No matter your beliefs or affiliation, there are many different resources available to those in crisis.


  • Lifeworks Group: A Christian counseling and coaching group found in Winter Park, Florida, just outside Orlando. Provides services to clients suffering from depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, and a variety of health conditions and life transitions, including Orlando divorce support.
  • Grace Clinic: A mental health-counseling center with two Florida-based offices, focusing on developing healing relationships between clients and counselors and opening the way to spiritual and emotional health.
  • Pathway Counseling Ministry: Bible-based mental health counseling center providing “Christ-centered” counseling and support. In addition to a wide range of mental health and life issue counseling services, they also supervise testing for young people including gifted children, ADHD diagnosis, and more.
  • Christian Counseling Associates: The first independent Christian counseling center in Orlando, with community affiliations encompassing more than 50 churches, schools, and organizations. Among many other services, provides recovery help for those working through a divorce in Orlando.
  • Christian Life Skills: Full-service counseling, coaching, and seminar services centered on spiritual growth. Offers a marriage preparation course online, as well as many other relationship counseling options.
  • Lutheran Counseling Services: Confidential pastoral counseling with a Lutheran outlook, available to patients regardless of religious affiliation, Free depression screening is made available to all visitors, whether past clients or newcomers.
  • New Beginnings Christian Counseling: Christian-focused counseling by Dawn Elliott Kendall, whose areas of specialization include: eating disorders, trauma, attachment, and issues related to these.
  • Living Water Counseling: Provides mental health and “soul care” to clients, which can include individual counseling, family therapy, group counseling, life coaching, personalized retreats, advice on spiritual direction, and more.
  • Lynn Young, LMNHC, NCC: Christian counseling that deals with anxiety, depression, and marriage issues. Parents and teen also receive specialized care. She is part of the Coalition of Christian Counseling organized by the local First Presbyterian Church.
  • Janet L. Cabascango, LMHC, NCC: Christian counseling emphasizing loss, life transition, and relationship issues. Fields of experience include military family counseling and help for missionaries and pastors in transition.


General & Miscellaneous Counseling Resources


There are many other forms of counseling available in Orlando that do not fall neatly into the categories described above. Dedicated counseling is available for virtually any life problem that has a negative impact on the human psyche. To name just a small selection, support and guidance are available for those dealing with eating disorders, sexual identity, social anxiety, thoughts of suicide, and many other serious problems. Professional counselors with specialized training in their area can provide the best advice and referrals to help you recover from your troubling situation.


  • Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition: An umbrella organization coordinating nonprofits whose mission is to prevent suicide and provide counseling resources for people facing suicide risk in Florida, the state with the second-highest suicide rate in the nation.
  • Moderation Management Therapist Index: A national directory of counselors who focus on moderation management for people with past alcohol use and alcohol abuse issues; Provides basic information, phone numbers, email addresses and websites.
  • Total Life Counseling Center: A full range of counseling options for people facing challenges at every stage of their lives, including relationship and family counseling, children and teens in need, addiction counseling, and social skill classes.
  • Life Skills Resource Group: Federation of professional counselors in Orlando who offer help to people dealing with a broad spectrum of life and relationship challenges, with many options for one-on-one, group, couple, and family therapy.
  • Single Parent Resources: A collection of resources for single parents struggling through a divorce, including faith-based and divorce support information.
  • A Better Day Counseling Service: Counseling and life coaching service with options for adults, children, and teens. Located in Altamonte Springs, a short distance from Orlando.
  • Neuropsychology Resources: Counseling resources and a plethora of information from Dr. Mary Wetherby, an Orlando-based neuropsychologist whose site includes tips on numerous mental health and counseling issues, including finding qualified professionals.
  • Charis Counseling Center: Professional counseling center serving central Florida and the greater Orlando area. Individuals, couples, families, and groups are all welcome, and counseling sessions are customized based on need. A free blog on mental and emotional health is provided.
  • Counseling Corner, Inc. Orlando-based counseling center with specialized services for children and couples. Offerings include play therapy, counseling for young adults and teens, marriage counseling, and “traditional” adult counseling.


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