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Persevering Through Divorce: Single-Parent Resources

It is said that 50 percent of marriages in America end in divorce. If you are going through a divorce or were a child of divorce, you know the challenges and heartbreak that you face.

When there are children involved, divorce becomes even more difficult.

The following links can help you navigate your divorce in a healthy way and lead you to a bright future.


The Grieving Process


  • The Emotional Aspects of a Divorce: Divorce effects men, women, and the children involved in different ways. This website outlines the psychological and emotional effects on all three groups.
  • How Divorce Effects Children: A child’s emotional life is a concern when parents decide to divorce. An exploration of how divorce affects children is found on this webpage.
  • Child’s Age and Divorce: Divorce affects children of different ages in different ways. This web article explains how divorce effects children of different ages.
  • Spiritual Divorce: Can you see a divorce as a gain rather than a loss? This website has an article outlining the seven laws of a spiritual divorce.
  • Finding Spirituality in Divorce: Many people turn to spirituality to help them heal from a divorce. This article discusses how different spiritualities can help different people.
  • Helping Children Cope With Divorce: Divorce is painful for everyone, especially the children. Find out how to help children cope when they are faced with their parents divorcing.
  • Helping Kids Through Divorce: The stress of divorce is difficult for children. This website has tips on how to help your child through the process of a divorce and afterwards.
  • Finding a Divorce Support Group: Divorce is hard, but having a support system can make it easier. Find out how to find the support group that is right for you in this web article.
  • Divorce and Depression: It is common for someone who has gone through a divorce to suffer from depression. This website is full of information for someone who has concerns about divorcing, including information about divorce and depression.
  • Separation Anxiety in Children of Divorce: Children of divorce can suffer from loneliness and separation anxiety. This web article has suggestions on how to deal with these possible effects on children.
  • Domestic Violence and Divorce: Domestic violence doesn’t only include physical abuse. The cycle of domestic violence and its types are explained on this webpage.
  • Domestic Violence: This webpage lays out the stages of domestic violence, its different types, and what you can do about it.


Surviving The Legal Processes


  • Child Custody: Who gets the children? This website is full of information about the types of child custody, state custody laws, and more.
  • Child Support: This website has lots of information on child support including links to a child support calculator for each state.
  • State Divorce Laws: Each state has its own divorce laws. This webpage has links to each state and its laws governing divorce.
  • The Cost of a Divorce: Wondering how much a divorce will cost? There are links to cost of divorce articles found on this webpage.


Money Issues


  • Beyond Child Support: Beyond child support, single parent families sometimes need additional financial assistance. The webpage listed has a list of public assistance options available and a link to see state listings.
  • Collecting Child Support: Questions about collecting child support? This website has a number of questions and answers about the collection of child support.
  • Living on Less: Divorcing means living on a single income again. Tips on how to live on that income and how to manage your finances can be found on this webpage.
  • Living Together After Divorce: Due to the loss of income after a divorce, more divorced couples are choosing to live together, as this article explores.
  • Divorce and the House: Often the house is the largest asset of a divorcing couple. This webpage contains an article that discusses how to work out a property arrangement.
  • Paying for Child Care: How can a working parent pay for childcare? This webpage offers options for parents struggling to pay child care expenses.


Joint Custody And Working With The Ex


  • Co-Parenting With an Uncooperative Ex: Find out 10 tips to co-parenting with an uncooperative ex on this webpage.
  • When Your Ex is a Jerk: It can happen. Your ex can be a jerk. This web article can help lighten up the uncomfortable relationship with your ex.
  • Learning to Cooperate With Your Ex: The experience of divorce can create a tense relationship with your ex. This article relays strategies to learn to cooperate with your ex.
  • Parenting With Your Ex: Learn how to parent with your ex. There are many helpful articles on this website devoted to divorce and children.
  • Domestic Violence and Bullying: This website is dedicated to domestic violence and bullying.
  • Helping Children Adjust to Divorce: Almost 40% of children will live with a divorced parent by the time they are 16 years old. Read about helping children adjust to divorce in this article.
  • Long Term Effects of Divorce on Children: Once the legal divorce is over the children are still affected. Learn about the long term effects of divorce on children, what to watch for, and how to be a good role model in the informative article.
  • Child Abuse and Neglect: When a divorced parent abuses and neglects a child in their custody, the courts step in. On this webpage you will find examples of court cases involving parents, their neglected children, and the consequences.


Implementing a New Start for You & Your Family


  • Moving With Children After a Divorce: Now that the divorce papers have been signed you are not free to move out of town without informing your ex spouse. This webpage discusses the necessary steps that need to be taken if you want to move away after a divorce.
  • Moving With Children: Moving children can be difficult. Here are some tips to ease the transition for children of all ages to a new home and a new hometown.
  • Finding a New School: Unless you stay in your old neighborhood, the kids may need a new school. This website has listings for schools across the United States.
  • Preparing Your Children For Divorce: When a child knows what to expect, the process of the divorce can be a little easier. This webpage can help you prepare your child for divorce.
  • Children First: Find out tricks and tips to make co-parenting after divorce easier for yourself and for your children.


Parenting on Your Own


  • Single Parenting Center: It isn’t easy being a single parent. This website is full of information, tips, and help for single parents.
  • Single Parent Support: This website is devoted to the single parent and has articles, support forums, as well as sections for single mothers and for single fathers.
  • Single Parent Help: This website has many articles to help single parents navigate being a single parent.
  • 90 Low or No Cost Activities: Having fun doesn’t have to cost a bundle. This webpage has 90 suggestions of low or no cost activities for families.


Entering A New Relationship


  • Dating After Divorce and Kids: This webpage has an informational article about how children feel when their parents start dating and how to introduce a new relationship to the kids.
  • When You Are Ready to Date: Some newly divorced singles jump right back in the dating pool, others wait awhile. This website has some tips for those who are ready to date.
  • Remarriage After Divorce: What are the statistics on remarriage after divorce? This webpage has the statistics for the United States based on the 2004 census.
  • How to be a Good Stepfather: Becoming a good stepparent is a challenge. Learn what it takes to be a good stepfather in this article.




  • Divorce Support Groups: Find a divorce support group. This website has suggestions on how to find the right support group for you.
  • Rebuilding After Divorce: After divorce you should reach out to family and friends for support. This web article has this advice and more to rebuild your life after divorce.


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