3 Secrets to Doing Well in Your Divorce Case

how to do well in a divorce case






Shush !   Read this article and then keep it to yourself. Because if you let the cat out of the bag, you will neutralize the advantage you gain by reading this list of 3 secrets. Use the secrets quietly and smile to yourself when no one else can figure out the path to success:

Secret 1 – Keep your big mouth shut. 

Insulting? Absolutely!  …  Is this good advice?  You bet!  The fact is that people cannot keep their mouths shut. They want to scream to the entire world their plans, their thoughts, and their case strategy. They tend to do even better than that – they text, email, and hand write letters to their soon-to-be ex.  Most divorce attorneys are absolutely shocked to see
what is written. That shock is not because we have not seen it all.  That is because divorce attorneys have definitely seen it all. The shocking part is the stupidity of saying or writing something that can be later brought to court. Anything you write can be presented in court. Any voice mail messages you leave can be played at court. And what seems to make sense today is usually tomorrow’s biggest blunder.  So take it from a friend, or at least someone you trust enough to read their writing … keep your big mouth shut!

Secret 2 – Don’t get caught with your pants down.

Just imagine your house was burning down. You spring out of bed, run out the door, and charge into the street just in time to see the last of your house sinking into a lava pit.  You turn around relieved. But then you look down and realize you have no pants. Now, you have two problems.  This situation is very similar to what happens to people just before a divorce. The most common way to get caught with your pants down: in the month leading up to the divorce you don’t do anything to safeguard the only money you have saved. Then your spouse sneaks up on you, takes the money out of the bank, and hires a good divorce attorney. The next day you realize you have absolutely no way to hire your own attorney. The net effect: you just ran away from a fire without any pants on. If you know your life is headed for divorce be sure to safeguard enough money to hire legal help.  Always have a “pair of pants” ready to run with out of the burning house.

Secret 3 – Leaning over to pet a friendly looking crocodile.

You are probably thinking that is just plain silly. Who would lean over to pet a crocodile? That toothy grin should be enough to warn you that a big bite is just behind it.  Your gut feeling normally saves you from dangerous looking animals. But that same gut feeling does not seem to work when it comes to your spouse or their attorney. I see many situations where the other side plays passive-aggressive. They seem to be friendly, they seem to be pretty reasonable, but every time they make a move the end effect does not seem quite right.  I have had the pleasure of helping clients that were previously led to their doom one smile at a time.  The instinct that prevents them from petting crocodiles does not function correctly when it comes to certain people.  Some people cannot get it through their head that the other side is tricking or leading them to a bad destination.  It is really hard to keep your head functioning at such a difficult time. But you can stay aware of potential danger if you can get in the habit of looking at everyone as if they were a crocodile.


The three secrets should be easy to remember. Shut your mouth, keep pants nearby, and don’t pet crocodiles. Got it?  Of course you do!  Now go forth, fix your life, and have a great future.  And by the way, come in and see us for a free consultation.


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