Florida couple fraudulently marry and then want divorce

vfiles8378A Florida divorce case has attracted a lot of local and national attention after the ‘husband’ in the case, Matthew Ditzel, denied attending his own wedding.

A year after the ceremony at Kissimmee Lake, Ditzel is calling for an annulment, claiming the marriage ceremony went on without his knowledge. In fact, it did indeed go on without him but his wife, Heather Bowser, swears he was in on the plan and simply did not want to attend.

The register was fraudulently authenticated by a friend of Bowser’s who worked as a notary. She has since been given a year’s probation and has lost her position as a result of fraudulently claiming to have married the couple.

The divorce courts have rejected Ditzel’s annulment attorney’s request for an annulment and Bowser continues to claim that he simply wants to avoid the divorce costs.

The court reportedly has witnesses who state that Ditzel announced that he was married and was present at a celebratory dinner. He also claimed that they “consummated like bunnies, according to court notes.

The couple’s joint possessions include a $9,000 engagement ring and $1,500 promise ring.

This is a very complicated divorce case and will, unlike the vast majority of divorce proceedings, most likely go to court for a full trial.

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