New Florida Alimony Law 2013 – Alimony Reform in Florida

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New Florida Alimony Law – 2013

By Attorney Howard Iken: A new Florida alimony law is winding its way through the Florida Legislature.  Many Florida alimony lawyers are hearing from anxious clients inquiring about new alimony law rumors. The new alimony law is a multi year effort by an organization called Florida Alimony Reform (FAR). This organization appears to be well organized and their story is fueled by many complaints of oppressive alimony orders from various Florida courts.The sponsors of the bill on both sides of the legislature are Senator Darren, Senator John, Representative Travis Hutson Representative Charles  Hood, and Senator Garrett florida alimony law  - florida alimony reform 2013
The new law refines and gives guidance to judges on what situations to grant alimony and under what circumstances alimony will terminate. The proponents of the new law feel it will make alimony more fair in Florida. Of course there are two sides to every new law. People that claim or receive alimony are sure to object to the alimony law.


Some of the new provisions:

  1.     Redefines the definition of a long term marriage from 17 years (current) to 20 years
  2.     Redefines a short term marriage from 7 years (current) to 10 years
  3.     Removes “permanent alimony” from the statutes, in favor of more short term or temporary types of alimony
  4.     Automatically terminates alimony at retirement age (as defined by Social Security
  5.     Removes the marital standard of living as a measure used to determine alimony
  6.     Makes it easier to terminate or reduce alimony based on cohabitation
  7.     Contains many changes that make alimony easier to terminate, and make alimony more difficult to get.
Nothing is every sure with new proposed legislation. The new Florida alimony law is sure to cause a lot of controversy and battles on both sides of the issue
At Ayo and Iken PLC we have full staff of alimony lawyers that can help you establish alimony, terminate alimony, modify alimony, or enforce alimony.  When the new Florida alimony law takes effect, there will be a need for legal representation for many people affected. Call us for a fee evaluation by an experienced alimony attorney.
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