The Peaceful Time of the Year ?

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By Attorney Howard Iken: An old saying I once heard: Statistics don’t lie, but liars use statistics.  I have always been fascinated with statistics, what they supposedly show, and whether they represent something that is true. I stumbled across this interesting graph showing trend lines for everyone in Florida that searches for the word “divorce” in Florida, on the google search engine. The result backed up an observation we always had this time of year.

According to Google, the number of people searching for the word “divorce” is at a low for the year in September. We have always had the experience of a couple of “quiet” weeks during the month of September. Our theory is that the pre-school rush runs it course before the beginning of September.  Many parents have battles over where the child is going to school and which school they will attend. That creates a wave of emergency and last minute filings in courts. Once that is over, we always observe a couple of weeks of unnatural calm leading into October. Starting with October the “action” heats up progressively leading into the holidays. Of course the very peak of the year is February, right around Valentines day.  You can find out more about Valentines day by viewing my television interview at:

There are many peaks and valleys throughout the year and they all happen for a reason. But there is not doubt: February is the peak, and September is the valley.

The bottom line: if you are in a potential situation, you may have a moment of peace in September. That is the time for all potential clients, and divorce attorneys to take a break and relax.


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