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By Attorney Howard Iken: Many times clients come in to see us as part of their process of interviewing several attorneys. We have heard of  a really funny sales tactic by another area attorney. During the “sales pitch” he other unnamed attorney props his feet up on his desk and says to the potential client “I can get you anything you want – I am the best!” He then holds up one hand with five finger extended – to show how much of a retainer is needed. Some recent reports suggest the amount of fingers shown is now up to seven. Fortunately, the rest of us in the legal profession are not immune to funny stuff like this.  After hearing of this story, we walked around the office for a week flashing each other the “five.” Now it is just something that comes up every now and then. Even though this was a really funny story, I am disturbed a fellow member of the profession would use this tactic. If is more than easy to emotionally influence potential clients with tales of guaranteed success and hints of insider influence. This is not only against Bar rules, but damages the reputation of lawyers. As a group we are honest and very hard working. A few bad apples makes all of us look bad. If you are shopping for lawyers, I encourage you to look some more if you run into one of the “bad apples.”  One final comment …. don’t confuse this five-fingered tactic with the old fashioned “high five.” When our attorneys have achieved really good results in some situations, we have been known to “deploy” the high five.

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