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annual peak in divorce filings

By Attorney Howard Iken: The holidays are over and it is time for the annual busy season. For us that means a lot of people are filing for divorce, separating, or taking their custody battle to the next level.  Requests for information are at a peak and so is internet traffic -centered on family law issues.  The annual and daily patterns never cease to interest me. January and February are the peak times for

the entire year. I am never 100% sure of the underlying reasons, but I have some theories. Holidays are a time for happiness, depression, and disappointment. The winter break is also a major transition point for the school year.

I believe all of the involved issues and feelings come together at this time of year to produce an annual peak in family law related legal actions.  For many people the holidays highlight their feelings of disappointment with their spouse. When Christmas rolls around it is time for your spouse to show some promise. Many don’t. Quite a few people have “significant others” waiting in the wings. For those people the holidays are a reminder that their new life and new future is still waiting and is unfulfilled.  Children’s issues are a major flash point in many households. If a family has been in turmoil there are issues that flared during the holidays. Many of those issues are really basic such as: which extended family will get to see the children Christmas eve.

In addition to the many family issues, financial considerations spur many to go hire an attorney. This annual peak of the year is partially driven by the expectation of tax refunds.  For many people, the only chance to hire a divorce or custody attorney is to dedicate their refund for that purpose.

Whatever the reason or opportunities, the New Year is a time for moving forward and for seeking the new life you want.  Many of the attorneys at Ayo and Iken do not specifically believe in divorce or separating households that have young children. But if you are unhappy and cannot “fix” your situation, the New Year is the time to move forward in a positive, assertive way.

To everyone thinking of a new life: Happy New Year and good luck in your quest for happiness!



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