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By Attorney Jennifer Schulte: I am a working mother of a one year old.  My husband (who has a flexible career) and mother-in-law take care of our daughter during the week and sometimes on the weekend.  Being an attorney and specifically a family law/criminal law attorney has its challenges.  There are days when I only see my child for about 15 minutes as I race out the front door to court and sneak in to watch her peacefully sleeping when I arrive home (late again) from work.  Why in the world would I choose to be a career mommy?!  I love and adore my family!  I also have a great deal of respect for mothers (whether by necessity or choice) stay home to raise their children and forego a career outside the home.  But I am a great mom and I am a fantastic attorney.  I simply choose to be both and I have a family that supports this decision.

I work very hard all day long (and sometimes into the night) to ensure my clients have the best legal representation possible.  I maintain positive (when possible) relationships with opposing counsel, stay actively engaged in several prestigious clubs, bar associations and inns of court, and attend many legal functions benefiting our local community.  I am the treasurer of the Family Law Committee for the Orange County Bar Association and I am an active member of the Family Law Inns of Court.  But I also take vacations with my family, enjoy time off for holidays, participate in my local church, spend time with friends, and fly around the world with my husband and daughter. I enjoy feeding the homeless, bringing supplies to the orphanages in Brazil (where my mother is from)and participating in many other charitable organizations.

Somehow, we moms just know how to multi-task and are pretty darn good at it too.  Sure, I miss seeing my baby conquer her next mile stone (like walking) but I am ever grateful that she has a daddy as dedicated and involved as my husband; not to mention the IPhone comes in handy for times like these.  For all you career mommy’s out there – I know your struggles and your dreams.  I know what motivates you and what makes you “tick.”  I understand the mixed emotions of wanting to provide for your family and wanting to be at home with the kids.  I want to tell you though that you can do it all.

Trust me when I say that you can make this work.  And if you are suddenly single or divorced and trying to figure out how to provide for and raise these children – come talk with me for a half hour and hear what plan(s) we can fashion to get you going in your family law case

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