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 How Much Alimony Will I Pay?


We designed this tool to educate you on how alimony decisions are made and as a way of educating yourself.  Please note:  this tool cannot predict your legal future with 100% accuracy.  Alimony cases are some of the most bitterly contested issues.  While there are some basic guiding principles, the final decision is based on many more factors than are presented in this tool.  Our standard attorney “CYA” comment:  come in and see us if you want a more detailed opinion.



Any amounts shown are approximate. Actual results in court may be drastically different from the amount shown.


This online alimony calculator is based on a national model designed by a prominent association of divorce attorneys. Florida has not adopted any specific formula or exact calculation method for alimony. First you must determine if you will receive alimony and then the amount would be based on dozens of different factors.

The actual alimony amount is dependant on other factors which are not addressed by this basic calculation. This service is intended to give a rough estimate of alimony and does not substitute for individualized legal advice.

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