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Photo of the Sixth Judicial Circuit – Family Law Court for Clearwater

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Filing for divorce in Clearwater Florida – Pinellas County Florida

    The courthouse in Clearwater, Florida is a historic structure that was renovated to its original appearance and function.  To complement the new building, a new section was added to the rear. This new building serves several divisions, including family law judges located in Clearwater, Florida, part of the sixth judicial circuit.  These judges handle divorce, child custody, alimony, child support, and paternity cases for the Clearwater, Florida – Pinellas County area.

    There are metered spaced across the street.  You can normally find one in the morning, between 8 and 9, or during the lunch hour.  Bring lots of quarters.  There is also a metered garage between the courthouse and the water.

   The Clearwater Florida divorce court is part of the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida, which includes the Pasco County courts.   The family law judges are chosen in local elections and must be re-elected at six year intervals.  Some family law and divorce cases are also heard at the Clearwater Criminal Justice Complex on 49th Street.

   The Clearwater courthouse also is where domestic violence injunctions are heard.

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