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Jacksonville, Florida – Duval County Counseling Resources

Divorce in Duval County can be a challenge – and divorce anywhere isn’t easy. If you find yourself in the middle of a Jacksonville divorce, you might wonder what you should do first. You might start by looking for Jacksonville free legal advice or by calling divorce attorneys in Duval County. The legal side of divorce is crucial, but don’t forget to give yourself emotional space and breathing room. The best way to prepare yourself for the tough choices you’ll have to make in a Jacksonville divorce is to seek counseling, so you can come to terms with the life changes you’re dealing with. Through the process of a Jacksonville divorce, there might be several “forks in the road” where counseling can help you stay on track. Because counseling is so important to a healthy divorce, we’ve sought out these top quality, verified therapy resources in Jacksonville and Duval. The resources you need to survive your Jacksonville divorce are on this page.

Grief Counseling

If your divorce in Duval County has just begun, you might be in shock. When you feel like you can’t feel anything, it’s hard to imagine seeing a grief counselor. But grief is one of the most common factors of any divorce, and many grief counselors work frequently or even exclusively with people going through divorce. A Jacksonville divorce doesn’t have to be traumatic, but there will definitely be times when you find yourself mourning. Facing these feelings head on is an important step in empowering yourself to make future-oriented choices and move on with the rest of your life. Grief counseling comes in various forms, but is usually conducted one-on-one between you and a trusted therapist. There may also be grief support groups, usually focused on people who are all mourning for specific reasons. Whether you choose a psychologist, licensed counselor, or other kind of professional, you should pick someone focused on grief issues whose personality makes you comfortable. Developing a bond of trust is key to working together with a counselor. Here are some of the top grief counselors in Jacksonville and Duval County.

Relationship Counseling

Relationship counseling can be a sensitive subject, but it’s also an important tool in divorce. If your association with your ex-partner will survive the marriage, for example because of shared children, you might find relationship counseling to be a valuable asset. After your Duval County divorce, relationship counseling can help you look past the issues that contributed to the breakup and allow you to focus on your shared role as parents. Relationship counseling can also be part of a “collaborative divorce” where mediation is used to decide areas of dispute. This kind of divorce is much less adversarial and can protect your emotional well-being in the long run. Finally, relationship counseling can be a mutual intervention that prevents a Jacksonville divorce from going forward. Be realistic about your expectations, but consider relationship counseling as an option.

Religious Counseling/support

Religious counseling is available in Jacksonville and Duval Counties for people of several faiths. Religious counseling is often a community endeavor where people come together in fellowship to help one another deal with common problems, and this can help you maintain a feeling of connection. Many houses of worship provide support groups for those going through divorce, and the same is true of divorce in Duval County. Even if you don’t belong to an established center of faith, you can still benefit from religious counseling thanks to several therapists who focus on faith-oriented counseling. Many of these professionals have a background in pastoral care and understand how to help you reconcile the difficulties of your Jacksonville divorce with the basis of your faith.

General/Misc. Counseling

No two divorces are completely alike, and you might find yourself dealing with issues you never expected. That’s okay: the local area has treatment options that will help you work through the depression and confusion that naturally comes along with your Jacksonville divorce. A new development in counseling is phone or teleconference counseling, which allows you to interact with a therapist from the comfort of your own home and enhances the privacy and security of your lessons. You might consider this if you’re concerned about complicating your Duval County divorce process by seeing a therapist. If you share children with your ex, also remember that there are pediatric counseling options that might help them work through the divorce, too. Young children may have trouble understanding divorce, and older ones might worry that they somehow caused it. Choosing the right therapy option early on can help them cope more successfully.


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