A Quiz on the New Florida Custody Law

2013 new florida custody lawYour particular habits and lifestyle can help or hurt your prospects in a Florida custody case.

The new Florida custody law about to be passed specifies 50/50 – equal time sharing for both parents unless there are other facts that support a different outcome. We thought it would be helpful to give our readers a brief quiz – to determine how they would do in their custody case.

Which picture best describes your weekend routine, A or B :



1. ________

Ice Skating

Work at Home



2. ________

End Up in Jail

Shop for Child



3. ________

Go to Water Park

Go to Bar



4. ________

Watch TV

Helping with Homework



5. ________

Pushing Child on Swing

Use Laptop Computer

Bonus Question:

You     ARE   ARE NOT   on illegal drugs.  (Circle one)

Add one point for each time you picked the correct answer.  Add no points for any wrong answers. If you picked A on question 2, subtract 2 points


If you earned:

0-1  points:

You completely stink as a parent. The new statute won’t help you because you completely stink, and have no idea how to be a good parent. Please turn in your child as soon as practical.

2-3 points:

You have some good instincts. A pretty good percentage of your brain is devoted to good parenting principles. You will do well under the new custody law if you can adequately explain your frequent and thoughtless lapses in judgement.

4-5 points:

Now you’re talking!  You almost consistently do the right thing. Unless you totally blow it you will be almost certainly will get equal parenting time. You did really good!

6 points:

You are in the upper stratosphere of parenting skills. You can face the new custody law fearless. Without a bit of self doubt lurking in your heart, you can be assured the new law will almost ensure you a 50/50 division of parenting time.

Answer Key:  1-A, 2-B, 3-A, 4-B, 5-A,  Bonus Question: Are Not

** The truth is that if you really need to read this answer key the new florida custody statute will not be a good thing for your situation.

The Fine Print: Custody law is complex and the effects of the new statute are still unknown. Even though the governor is expected to sign the new law – as of this writing it is only a proposed law. We cannot promise a good score on this test will guarantee success in your custody / parenting case. The quiz was designed to: 1 – be funny, and 2- illustrate some basic truths about a custody case.


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